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Vendor/ Demonstrator Rules



September 13th, 2018:

3:00 pm: Setup begins.  Feel free to come earlier if needed/desired but please let us know so we can get you a final map and help you locate your site. 

Norse by Northwest will be onsite and available all day with questions or concerns. Maps will be distributed for all tent/display/arena sites previous to the event via email or chat. Maps will also be available at the NBNW booth. 

September 14th and 15th 2019

9:00 am: Event opens 

10:00 am - 5 pm: Event runs - 

11:00, 1:00, and 3:00 pm: Wilhelm FarTraveler provides interactive shield wall demonstrations.

All day events spear, knife and ax throwing, archery, face painting, henna,  chain mail, weaving and spinning demonstrations  

5:00 Saturday and 3:30 Sunday Event closes 

Sunday 4-6pm teardown of your site, trash cleanup, and making sure that the park is left in as good condition as when we got there. This is required for all vendors, demonstrators, and volunteers. everyone must be off site by 6 pm. If you need special atangements please let us know at least 60 days in advance.

Safety Information:

Where to locate Fire extinguishers:

Fire extinguishers will be located at ALL of  the tents.. Also, each forge display will have one extinguisher present.  Anyone demonstrating or vending hot food needs to bring a certified fire extinguisher with their display. It is also preferred that a bucket of water be on hand next to forges as well. 

There will be two 15 gallon non-potable water barrels in the village to use for this purpose and for cleaning, etc.



This event strives to be historically accurate. Please attempt to dress as historically accurate as possible. Concessions will be made for footwear if necessary. Food vendors and live steel fighters are excluded for safety purposes.

Rules of the Camp:

Quiet hours are from 11 PM to 6:30 AM

Please be sure if you were entering or leaving the camp or hanging out during these hours that you were doing it at a reasonably quiet level so that those around you can sleep. There are houses around the park so we need to be respectful of people in the community as well so we can be invited back!

Smoking and vaping is not allowed in city or county parks. Please do not smoke on the grounds.

Safety is our first concern. If you see something unsafe, please report to Shauna immediately at the NBNW tent.

Disputes should be dealt with civilly. If you do not feel you can handle a dispute yourself, please see NBNW for mediation. FIGHTING OUTSIDE OF THE SWORD FIGHTING ARENAS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

Disrespect will not be tolerated. Everyone should be treated equally regardless of background and experience. Mentoring is encouraged if done respectfully!

Underage drinking will not be tolerated!  Alcohol is not allowed on park premises. There are several good bars in the area. If you are looking to drink please do so at one of the local establishments. Please account for cab fare and do not drink and drive. Someone will be willing to take you to get your vehicle in the morning if needed. 

Fire Precautions:

All fires will be subject to weather conditions. If the grass is to dry,  fires may not be allowed in the park other than for forges.

A 6-foot gap will be maintained between tents.

  • All measurements are from cloth to cloth, not including guy ropes and/or ropes used to control public access.

Fire break zones will be kept clear of all combustible materials at all times.

Combustible materials will be stored a minimum 4 feet away from open fire.

All access and egress routes will be kept clear of obstacles at all times.

All candles and naked flames will be mounted in a stable holder. No candles or open flames will be allowed inside of tents for any reason. 

  • If suspended, the support will be non-combustible and any securing hooks will be more than semi-circle in profile.

Cooking with large quantities of oil or fat is forbidden.

Storage of flammable chemicals within the village is restricted to less than 500mL.

  • Flammable chemicals will be stored in appropriate containers, away from open flame, outside sleeping tents, and suitably disguised.
  • The Show Coordinator will be made aware of such chemicals within the village.
  • Storage of gasoline within the village is forbidden.

Gas (propane) cylinders will be restricted as other flammable materials. Larger cylinders will be forbidden from being in the village.

In addition to water for fire fighting - which is available in two 15 gallon barrels located within the village - it is REQUIRED that every fire have a 5 pound, ABC rated fire extinguisher available in close proximity to any open flame or with any display, food cart or vendor tent.

Barbeques and similar pan based cooking fires will be situated a minimum of 6 feet 

from any sails, or tent and a fire pan must be placed underneath to protect the grass. 

The recognized signal for fires and other emergencies will be three short blasts from a horn repeated every 5 seconds until an official from NBNW arives. .

o Alternatively, the signal may be raised for fires by yelling “Fire, Fire, Fire.”

The recognized signal for “all clear” will be one continuous blast of a horn.

Actions to be taken in the event of an uncontrolled fire:

In the event that a fire becomes out of control, the recognized signal of yelling “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE,” or giving three short blasts on a horn will be sounded.

Evacuate the area around the fire.

Meeting point is across the street and at the turn into the park

Any other fires will be fully extinguished prior to evacuation.

If it safe to do so, extinguish the fire with means at hand.

  • No one is allowed to use any firefighting equipment unless they are trained in its use.
  • If the fire is contained, the Show Coordinator will be notified immediately.

If the fire cannot be controlled with the means at hand, the fire department and the Show Coordinator will be notified immediately.

If the fire is serious enough to notify the fire department the following steps will be taken:

Strike any tents and move any vehicles necessary to create a firebreak, but do not block any camp access roads.

  • All members are to evacuate the camping area immediately to a safe muster point -across the street and at the turn in to the park.
  • If it can be done safely, all fires will be extinguished; all weapons and valuables, gas cylinders, and first aid kits will be secured at an assembly point.
  • Once at the assembly point, Group Leaders will account for members known to be at the show.
  • Any provincial members will assemble together and account for provincial members known to be at the show.
  • All unnecessary vehicle movement will cease.
  • All members will remain at the assembly point until the “all clear” is given.

The recognized signal for “all clear” is one continuous blast from an air horn.

Once the “all clear” is given, all water and sand buckets used to fight the fire will be refilled immediately.

In the event of a fire emergency, at no time will anyone put themselves or others in harm’s way to safeguard personal property.


  • Additional garbage cans will be set up and maintained over the weekend by our volunteers. Please notify us if garbage needs to be removed.
  • Visitor center restrooms will be open over the entire weekend.  
  • Pets must be kept contained or on at leash during festival hours, sheep contained where the public cannot reach them. You must thoroughly clean-up after your livestock and pets during the event and at takedown .
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Two 15-gallon fresh water receptacles will be located within the village. Location to be determined by the show coordinator.
  • A First Aid Officer will be assigned to be present during the entire show.
  • Each group is required to have a first aid kit within their designated camping area. The first aid kit should not contain medications of any kind.
  • Food that is prepared by any village member will not be shared with the public.
  • All fighting practice areas will be DOUBLE roped off so the public may not enter.
  • All weapons will be stored if the user is not present within their tents. If the user is present, the weapon will be within an arms’ length at all times.
  • Walkways of at least four feet will be established in between major sections of the village.
  • A six foot gap will be established between each tent. The six foot space is from cloth to cloth.

Please just be yourself and use this opportunity to teach the public about Viking life, ethics, etc.

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Shauna Olds


Norse by Northwest 


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