Our Missions


Our Community Mission

Norse by Northwest is committed to the aid and care of our homeless and underprivileged  population in Whatcom county. It is our goal to change as many lives as possible through direct community involvement and directed programs to aid the homeless and underprivileged in rehabilitating to the best of their ability into a sustainable living situation.


Our Further Mission

Our Heathen and Pagan Worship and Education Center:

It s our goal to build a carbon neutral, self sustaining homestead to serve as a permanant headquarters for Norse by Northwest. Once we reach a level of sustainability, we will focus our efforts on building what was historically known as a sacred complex. This will begin with a Temple to the Norse Deities, followed with a Celtic style stone circle and a sacred grove. In addition we plan to host a multi-cultural educational center, workshops, art space, and cultural displays for all inclusive ”heathen and pagan Religion bases”. This means the complex will not be open to one specific religious group, but any group that is respectful of the land and ALL of the gods, weather you follow them or not. 

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